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The Team

  • Dominique Massie

    Dominique Massie Executive Director

  • Raymond Jabbour

    Raymond Jabbour CFO Director, Direct Marketing

  • Jabes Adasz

    Jabes Adasz IT Director

  • Claudia Riendeau

    Claudia Riendeau Director of the Centre Inspir'er - Kinesiologist B. Sc.

  • Lorraine Tremblay

    Lorraine Tremblay Director of Philanthropic Development

  • Marie-Claude Fontaine

    Marie-Claude Fontaine Events Director

  • Elaine Bilodeau

    Elaine Bilodeau Community worker and self-help groups

  • Antoine Casselot

    Antoine Casselot Events Coordinator

  • Bryan Cruz

    Bryan Cruz Events Advisor

  • Romina Tate Gemelli

    Romina Tate Gemelli Director of Health Programs - Respiratory therapist

  • Martin Henry

    Martin Henry Philanthropic Development Coordinator

  • Josée Lamarche

    Josée Lamarche Data entry clerk

  • Charlotte Labbé de Montais

    Charlotte Labbé de Montais Graphic Designer

  • Audrey Rouleau

    Audrey Rouleau Receptionist

  • Élyse Roy-Gingras

    Élyse Roy-Gingras Respiratory Therapist

  • Rosilene dos Santos

    Rosilene dos Santos Accounting Technician

  • Vincent Schryburt

    Vincent Schryburt Project manager

  • Christophe Tousignant

    Christophe Tousignant Coordinator of the Centre Inspir'er - Kinesiologist