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Pulmonary disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada. Smoking, exposure to second-hand smoke and pollution are the main cause.

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Radon: an odorless radioactive gas

Harmful to respiratory health when entering homes, radon is a naturally occurring gas that, at high concentrations, increases the risk of developing lung cancer.

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Vaccination, the best protection

The risk of death from a pneumococcal infection is greater for people with certain chronic lung diseases.

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Get involved in raising money for our cause

If you would like to get involved in an existing fundraising event or organize yours by pledging to raise $ 100 or more, we will be happy to assist you. Please contact your Provincial Office of the Lung Association.

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Congrès Québécois en Santé Respiratoire

The Congrès québécois en Santé respiratoire is an initiative to transmit new knowledge and raise awareness in the field of lung diseases and their treatments.

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